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Dog Walker at the Park

Our Story

Guiding Dogs | Empowering Owners

At The Growl Guide, we want to be your guide on your journey to improving your relationship with your dog.  Our goal is to empower owners by providing them with the tools and confidence to guide their dogs to a more harmonious life. We hope to remove the language barrier between you and your dog through comprehensive training programs. This includes a range of both private and board and train programs to fit your specific needs. Our mission is to transform growls into grins by enhancing the well-being and happiness of both dogs and their human companions by creating a lifelong bond centered on leadership and love.

The Owner

Passionate and Dedicated

Woman in park

Sydney Moulton

Owner / Lead Trainer

Sydney is a lifelong dog lover with a passion for training dogs. As a professional dog trainer, she is fueled by a deep passion for canine companionship and a genuine desire to help dogs and their owners build harmonious relationships. She is excited to embark on this journey of learning and growth, eager to understand the intricacies of canine behavior and the art of effective training. As someone who worked on state policy issues for a decade, Sydney has unique skills to take complex information and communicate it in a way that's easy to digest. Also, being bilingual in Spanish, she hopes to be able to help owners from the Hispanic community. Through ongoing education, hands-on experience, and a commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest training techniques, she is dedicated to becoming a skilled and empathetic dog trainer, ready to make a meaningful impact in the lives of dogs and their devoted owners.

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